Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Single layer pinata cake using Sockerkaka from Ikea

I couldn't resist making another pinata cake for my Mum's birthday last year. This time it was a single layer cake using the larger Sockerkaka mould. This is made the same way as the two layer version, however you use less chocolate.

Grate the white chocolate, leaving some aside. Melt and colour as desired and pour into the mould. I was going for a swirled pink and yellow effect to go with the Dutch sprinkles I had. It came out quite peachy in parts, but I liked it.

Once it is set, it is time to add the goodies. This time I filled it with some of Mum's favourite lollies. Pascall's Memorables at the bottom, chocolate bullets and bananas at the top.

I tinted some white chocolate to a mid pink for the piping around the edges and for the candles. I went with a silver board this time.

You can see the marble effect here.

No one suspects a thing at this stage. Hee hee hee! All the grandkids help with the candles. The white plate you can see was to stop the wind blowing out the candles first.

After trying very politely to cut the cake with the cake knife, and not mentioning once how rock hard the cake was, we finally gave her the rolling pin. It took a lot of encouragement to get her to hit it hard enough.

And it breaks open!

Action shot...

And here is its treasure inside.

So much fun! It was pretty much gone in one sitting, and even if it didn't it would be much easier to keep than a cut cake. If you are thinking about making one, give it a go!!

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