Thursday, 21 August 2014

How to make super easy gluten and egg free rainbow cupcakes

This year our eldest daughter asked for rainbow cupcakes. I was very excited because I love all things rainbowy. What do you think?

This is the original version we saw online. Fairly sure from the glossiness of the icing that it has egg whites, so that is a definite no-no in this house. I can't find where it came from originally, so if anyone knows who made it, let me know and I will put an acknowledgement in.

To make these you will need:

  • Blue cupcake liners
  • Gluten free cupcake mix
  • Buttercream
  • Blue food colouring
  • A packet of rainbow straps (I got these from K-Mart, but most supermarkets have them)
  • 2 piping bags with large open tips


To start with, scour all shops in a 25km radius for pale blue cupcake liners. (Yes, we had some difficulty with that part). Next, bake your favourite gluten free packet cupcake mix in those blue cupcake liners. (Yes, this is not a from scratch how-to). Ours turned out very white and not as voluminous as we replaced the required egg with No-Egg, but they were still delicious.

Make a quantity or your favourite buttercream. Take out half a cup or so and set it aside. Tint the remaining icing to a light blue shade. Using a piping bag with a large open tip, roughly pipe the icing on top to get even coverage.

Use an off-set palette knife to smooth the icing around the top, making sure all of the cake is covered. If you want this to be super smooth, you can have a jug of hot water standing by in which you heat up the palette knife, and then dry it, before running it lightly over the icing. I was happy with the matt look. Did I mention I was decorating these as the party guests arrive?

Now use the white buttercream and the other piping bag to pipe on the clouds. You are just making a close spiral formation while squeezing with even pressure.

Cut a rainbow strap in half and insert each end through the cloud and into the blue buttercream underneath. You will see them expand a little and that is OK. Also, some of the sour sugary crystal will fall off but I really loved the sparkly effect it made, especially on the clouds.

And you are done! I put them in a white cupcake display stand that I had, but you can put the on a platter or anything. The candles were put into the top four cupcakes.

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