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The Tamworth Schoodie [pron: skoo-dee]: a free super chunky crochet pattern using Moda Intricato

On our recent trip up to Tamworth (6 hours in the car) I finished the Cardiff Cowl, and I made a super chunky scarf/hoodie hybrid, aka schoodie, to keep the anticipated coldness off my head. I had bought 7 skeins of Moda Intricato with the idea of doing some kind of super chunky crochet and this is what I came up with:
I was intrigued by the yarn because it had alpaca in it, and because of how it was made. It is actually what looks to be a 5 ply yarn that is sort of French knitted into a tube of yarn that you then work with. I liked the natural look of the fibres and the variegation. I believe it is discontinued now, which his probably why Spotlight were selling it for $2 a ball which was a huge reduction from its usual price. Just the right price for me to give it a go!
Here are the lovely skeins:

Interesting blend of fibres:


Each skein weighs 100g (yes, it is quite heavy when it is made up), but there is only 18m per skein!

Before I started with sorting out a pattern, I undid each skein and roll them into balls. Normally this is not a single person job, especially if you are in a car with nothing to put the skein over, but as there is only 18m in each one it was very easy to get into a ball without tangling. Aren't the balls of yarn lovely? I really like them just like that:

One thing I didn't count on was the fluff! Oh my goodness, THE FLUFF was everywhere!! It was floating around the confined space of the car, getting up everyone's sinus' and all over the dash. By the time I had roll the 7 balls there was enough fluff on the instrument panel of the car that I needed to wipe it over. And did I mention I was wearing black jeans?
I started taking photos of each stage of the pattern, but then I got totally lost in the crochet and forgot all about photos, which I am fairly rubbish at anyway. But, I did want to show you how I joined the ends together. Each end will have some short pieces of yarn that will come away when pulled. These are the little loops that were cut when they cut the yarn for each skein. Pull those out and you will find one strand that makes up the whole yarn. Pull it out a bit until you have enough to thread onto a wool needle. Run the needle though the other loops a couple of times to create a locking stitch. Do the same to the end of the next ball. Bring the two ends together and weave the single strand through each side until they are firmly held together. Excuse my phone camera pictures, but here are a few pictures:

OK, and now we get to the pattern:
The Tamworth Schoodie
What you will need:
  • 7 skeins Moda Intricato yarn
  • 15mm crochet hook
  • Wool needle
Note: This pattern uses US stitch terminology.
Stitches used: Chain, Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Slip Stitch
Foundation: Ch 35, then join with a slip stitch to make a circle. Note: Don't twist the chain.
Row 1: Ch 1 and mark with a stitch marker (I use a bobby pin). Sc in each ch until you reach your stitch marker. Slip stitch into marked ch.
Row 2: *Ch 2, mark stitch, hdc in back loop only in each stitch until you come to the marker. Slip stitch into marked ch. Repeat from * for Rows 3, 4 and 5.
Row 6: Ch 1, mark stitch, sc all the way around. Slip stitch into marked ch.
Row 7: Ch 2, mark stitch, hdc in back loop only all the way around. Slip stitch into marked ch.
Row 8: Ch 1, mark stitch, sc all the way around. Slip stitch into marked ch.
Row 9: *Ch 2, mark stitch, hdc in back loops only all the way around. Slip stitch into marked ch. Repeat from * for Rows10, 11 and 12.
Row 13: Ch 1, mark stitch, sc crochet all the way around. Slip stitch into marked ch.
Row 14: With tighter tension to create the face opening, slip stitch all the way around and finish off.
A few notes about this yarn, apart from the excess fluff it also has a bit of a smell about it and a dirty hand feel. I know that sounds gross, but what I mean is that it probably smells a bit like an alpaca. I'm not sure if it is residue on the wool or excess dye, but my hands were pretty much grey and funny feeling while working on this. In fact, a few times I stopped and washed my hands with baby wipes. As soon as it was finished I threw it in the machine on wool cycle and it has come out with a much softer hand feel and the smell has gone. It is clean, has better drape and no smell after washing, so washing is highly recommended. Also, it did remove some of the fluff, but not all. I wouldn't be wearing it with a dark colour. The photos show it pre-wash and you can see fluff all over my jacket.
Here's a few more shots of it as a scarf and as a hood. Note: Bessie is yawning in this one. She is NOT laughing hysterically at my schoodie. In fact, she loves my schoodie because it means "walk time!!!!"


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