Thursday, 22 August 2013

The FWSQ: Churn Dash Block

Churn Dash, it is one of those blocks that you either love or hate. For some reason, every lady I have taught has always had a strong opinion either way about this block. I used to be in the "dislike" group of quilters, but it has grown on me. A good thing to be said for this simple block is it can be made to look different very easily with fabric choice or alignment. For this block I have put the stripes running into the centre, although every other time I have made it I have put the stripes running around the block, or no stripes at all. Also, it can look very different when set on point.
I had cut this out a while ago and when I pulled it out to sew it I got the distinct impression of a saloon in a rundown, lawless town in a spaghetti western (I used to love watching those with my Mum on a Saturday afternoon). There is something about the block design and the fabric that screams double swinging saloon doors, spittoons, honky pianos and dusty, bearded men in chaps. Do you get that, too? No? Just me then...............awkward!
This is a very simple block, rotary cut and machine pieced and it came out at 6.5". Yay!
Now to cut out and sew some more block. I have been picking the fabrics and putting them in the folder so they are ready to go when I have a minute. I don't know about you, but I spend more time choosing the right colour and print than anything else.

Woo hoo! 15 blocks made, and squillions to go.
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