Monday, 26 August 2013

So, poppies aren't blue, but I couldn't resist crocheting these hair accessories for school

I was using all of Kathy's red yarn (see previous post on 5000 Poppies), and I had a couple of 50g balls of blues and off white laying around so I thought I would try making some blue poppy hair accessories for the girls to wear to school. Poppies don't naturally come in blue, although the Meconopsis is poppy-like and is a lovely shade of blue. Thank you Google search.
Using the 5000 Poppies pattern, I made two poppies and sewed them onto strong hair elastics while volunteering in the clothing pool early one morning. Our youngest got to wear hers to lines that day. She was pretty excited.
This is our eldest wearing the poppy to match the winter uniform fabric with is a royal blue and navy/black (not sure which) tartan.

That night they both wore matching royal blue leotards and navy ballet jumpers and black leggings to physie just so they could coordinate with the blue poppy hair band so I think they are happy with them.
And these two I am working on for the summer uniform fabric, which is a medium light blue tartan. I used the royal blue around the centre as the black eyelash yarn didn't really suit, but I am not sure if I like it. I feel like it is missing something. I guess we will see how it looks when it comes time for the summer uniforms (can't wait for warmer weather!!!).

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