Thursday, 4 July 2013

Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf in purple - I'm now hooked on infinity scarves!

I was looking for a small project to crochet on the train to the Sydney Quilt and Craft Fair and I had been itching to try an infinity scarf pattern. The Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf jumped out at me. Unfortunately, I didn't have yarn as beautiful as the one in the pattern to hand, but while ratting around my yarn container I found a rouge ball of variegated purple Carnival 8ply that I have no recollection of buying. I love purple like I love all colours but I don't wear purple or have purple in the d├ęcor of the house, so I am wondering why do I have one ball? The thought occurred to me that I might have let the girls pick some yarn at some stage and this would have been something that our eldest would have chosen last year when purple was her favourite colour. This year it is coral.
So, in a hurry, I grabbed the yarn which was disturbingly thin feeling for 8 ply and checked the needle size required. The pattern calls for a 6.5mm hook for worsted weight yarn. While lots of different sites have different opinions about the comparisons of 8 ply, worsted weight, sport weight, and aran, I went with the general assumption that worsted weight would be like an 8 ply you sometimes find here that has quite a bit of bulk to it and is on the brink of 10 ply. My skinny little 8 ply was on the brink of 6 ply in my opinion so I went with a 5mm hook.
I started with 210 chain and off I went. The pattern was very easy to follow. The only trouble I had was that using such a large hook for skinny yarn meant that the work kept slipping off the hook. That, and the fact that I picked it up on the train coming home and had accidentally turned it and was going back the wrong way which I didn't discover until the next day and had to undo 4 rows. Grrr.



I could have used the whole ball but I wasn't sure how much the button tie needed and in the end I had a bit of yarn left over. I love the button tie! It really makes the scarf. I gave it to my sister-in-law as part of her birthday present. She is probably going to kill me about this photo because I took it by stealth! I think the scarf really suits her. In the card, I cut out the diagram of the five ways to wear it. We also gave her some lovely Moda chunky yarn and 15mm knitting needles, which she thought were hilarious! I bought some of the same yarn, so there may be a project up soon.

This is a great beginner project. The scarf only has two stitches: chain and double crochet (US terms), and the button tie adds slip stitch. Super easy!
I am looking forward to making another one, BUT, I had promised myself that if I got a project finished I could start on some very exciting yarn Filomena gave me for my birthday. It is Amuri yarn from Naturally NZ Yarns: 75% pure NZ merino, 25% possum. I'm think going to use it for the Cardiff Cowl, but I'm still looking. Stay tuned to see what develops!
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