Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair 2013: My beanies were there!

Last Friday Filomena and I went to the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair and we had THE BEST DAY!!! It was a very long day, and we had walked our legs off by the end, but it was worth it. Filomena dropped her four children at my place at 7:30am and we left to catch a train to Sydney. My husband had six kids between 7 and 11 years to entertain and get to two different schools, as well as picking them all up and looking after them and feeding them until we got home at 7:10pm. It all went well, although they did lose little Bessie (my dog) for a period of time while bushwalking. She managed to find her way home, thankfully. I'm just glad it wasn't one of the kids!
As soon as we got to the Convention Centre, we started shopping around. I found exactly what I was looking for: Civil War and reproduction fabrics in greens, yellows and purples for The Farmers Wife Sampler quilt. These colours are not common for that time frame so they can be hard to get. I found these at Patchwork With Gail B's stall. I love this stall. I go there every year. They only sell one thing at the Craft Fair and that is Fat Quarters. And they are all $3.50 each!I highly recommend them. Great quality fabrics, huge range, and a great price.

While having lunch we looked over and saw the Knitter's Guild and there was one of my beanies!

This was the only beanie of mine on display because the other three had been sold. I was so excited! I hope this one went to a new home, too.
After lunch, we went into the Quilt Show. Oh, the quilts!!!! I love the variety in design, techniques, style, colour, subject and size. There were so many it was quite overwhelming. My favourite was a beautiful fussy cut (that is, individual pieces are cut out of the same pattern design printed on the fabric to create a special effect, in this case a kaleidoscope) quilt by Catherine Butterworth. It is a beautiful Seven Sisters design and there would have been hours and hours of work put into it. The "dots" on the sashing are actually appliqued on. Amazing! This stunning quilt did not win a prize, which I couldn't believe, so I chose it as my Viewers Choice. Unfortunately, the photos didn't come out very clear due to my old phone and a breeze moving the quilt, but you will get the idea.



I am so full of inspiration now! And that's what I love about the whole day.
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