Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sweetened Condensed Milk Fruit Cake Recipe (gluten and egg free)

We love fruit cake in this house!! We love making it, the smell of it baking, and devouring it. Recently, our eldest had a birthday and requested fruit cake over any other cake. YAY! This is a cake that can be easily converted to gluten and egg free.
This recipe is based on the fantastic Condensed Milk Fruit Cake in The Australian Women's Weekly. We made a double batch to make a two tiered cake, but the recipe below is for a single cake mix.
Sweetened Condensed Milk Fruit Cake
You will need:
  • 4 cups (750g) mixed dried fruit (we love Sunbeam)
  • Half cup water
  • 400g can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 tablespoons apricot puree (used as egg replacer)
  • 1 heaped cup gluten free self-raising flour 
Put the mixed fruit and the water in a large saucepan on medium heat. Stir until it comes to the boil. Simmer uncovered for 1 minute. Transfer into a large heatproof bowl and cover with lid or cling wrap. Leave it to cool to room temperature.  [Note: I sometimes do this stage while I am making dinner the night before so it is ready for baking first thing in the morning.]

Mmmm, steamy! Look at how much they have plumped up!

Grease and line a 20cm cake tin with 3 or 4 layers of baking paper. I am using an 18cm tin and a large fruit tin (it had whole plums in it).
When the fruit is cool, add the sweetened condensed milk.

And the apricot puree.

Stir together until combined.

Then add the gluten free self-raising flour. 

Stir until combined and spoon into the prepared tins. Bake in a slow oven (about 160C) for 2.5 hours. Check if it done. It may need longer. I have cooked them for almost four hours and they turn out delicious! When it is cooked, take it out of the oven and while it is still in the tin, tightly cover with foil. You can leave it like that to cook down, but I like to wrap mine in towels so it cools down very slowly. When it is cool, you can take it out of the tin. Now you can cover it with fondant, or eat it straight away. Yum!


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