Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Crochet Beanies for Stewart House at the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair

June is always a hectic month for me, but when I saw in the Craft Fair Friend (the booklet about the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair) that The Northern Group of the NSW Knitters Guild was running a beanie competition for Stewart House, I just had to give it a go!

Obviously, I am not trying to win the competition because there will be plenty of fantastic, artistic beanies that will get the $100 prize, but I am hoping they will be sold so the money can go to Stewart House. There was a $5 entry fee for each beanie and you could elect to sell it, or donate it, or have it returned. I think it is a good idea and I hope lots of people will send in beanies. I am going to the show on Friday with my friend Filomena (I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!) and maybe I will see them there.

If you want to have a go at making the teal beanie, here are some instructions:

Chunky Rib Crochet Beanie Pattern

You will need:
  • 2 balls Panda Big Easy
  • 9mm crochet hook
  • Scissors
Note: I am using US crochet terms in this pattern. Abbreviations: , Ch = Chain, SC = single crochet


Ch 24.

Row 1: SC in second ch from the hook to the end. (You should have 23 stitches). Ch 1 and turn.

Row 2: Working in the back loop only, SC in every stitch. Ch 1 and turn.

Repeat Row 2 until work measures approximately 46cm. This is a rib fabric and will stretch to fit.

Leave a tail twice as wide as the work.

Thread tail end through loop to finish.

Bring the starting row and end row together.

Using your crochet hook, slip stitch it together. I found it easier to turn it sideways to do this.

It should like this when finished. You can hardly notice the seam.

Tie off the end and weave in. Now get another piece of wool for gathering the top together. Hold one end in your left hand, and with your right hand use the crochet hook to weave it in and out of the stitches at one end.

When you have gone all the way around, pull tight and tie a knot. Use the tail to go over the hole a few times if there is a hole in the top. Weave the finished ends in. Turn the brim up and you have your finished beanie!

This is the basic pattern I used for the grey rib, and the teal/chartreuse rib. In the teal/chartreuse beanie I used two colours together and a 1.5cm (!!!) crochet hook. I think I only needed 14 stitches for that one.
The embellishment for the teal and chartreuse beanie came from The Crochet Charm.

I loved how it turned out, plus I learned a new stitch: crab stitch, or reverse crochet. I thought it was a bit overwhelming by itself so I added some stamen-like things in the middle by chaining 6, single crocheting along to the end, then chaining and other 6 and so on...

...until I had ten stamen. I gathered them together and secured them through the centre of the flower.

This is not my favourite. Probably because I just can't pull off chartreuse. But somewhere out there is a lovely (slightly eccentric to wear a flower this huge on their head) red head who would look fabulous in this!

I added a pom pom on the top of the grey rib beanie simply by wrapping the yarn around my hand until I thought I had enough and then securing with a small length of yarn and cutting the loops. It is soft and fluffy and has lots of movement. I also used a 10mm hook for this one so the rib is even more chunkier.


This one is a man's beanie with a big fold up brim in Cleckheaton Country Spun pure wool. This is a shaped beanie and I had no end of trouble with it. The wool is hard to work with because it is loosely spun and then tightly spun every 10cm or so. It is a nightmare to unpick. I think it will naturally felt together. It will be super warm, that's for sure.

Thanks for stopping by!

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