Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The FWSQ: Buzzards Roost

Hmm. I had a bit of trouble with this block. I think the measurements EQ5 provided are not entirely right. I have had this trouble before when using the rotary cutting diagrams for a block that is scaled down to a small size like 4" or 6". The two flying geese units in the centre of the block (one pointing up and the other pointing down) had a finished size that was over a quarter of a inch bigger than the plain square in the centre. There is no way you can fudge that kind of discrepancy in such a small block, especially when there are points involved. I knew when I laid it out there was going to be a problem. I finished it anyway and now that it is trimmed to 6.5" you can see that all of the points are exactly on the edge. Which means they will all disappear when it is sewn to the sashing. Hmm. At this stage I am going to wait and see. At least the points will be chopped off evenly, and with such a busy print and in such a busy quilt, I am wondering if it will be noticed. Except by me. And you.
I think I might make it again using templates.
This block is rotary cut (although I don't recommend it), machine pieced and after trimming is 6.5" unfinished and pointless due to crazy measurements.

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