Monday, 20 May 2013

The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt: beginning the journey of 145 blocks

My friend Filomena and I have embarked on a modified and expanded version of The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt. We are so fabulously excited, and a little bit scared, about all the lovely little 6" blocks! The reason being: we have gone from this 111 block sampler...

... to a 145 block king-sized masterpiece with no two blocks repeating, and no applique!
We have made a few changes to the one Laurie Aaron Hird made. We decided that we don't want any blocks repeating in the king sized quilt, even if they have different names, and no applique (so the two basket blocks had to go). It's been the most fantastic fun so far! Having a friend to do this with means that we spur each other on, and can sort out any tricky blocks together, and we can hopefully encourage each other to finish! Filomena has the book with the template CD, and I have the CD for EQ5/EQ6, so we can choose which construction methods works best for each block. We have made a couple of blocks at home by ourselves, and had one sewing day at my house, and I have now made 11 blocks!
There is a long way to go.
For each block I complete I will put a photo up in a post so you can see how it is going. I am using reproduction fabrics and I'm sticking to a fairly similar colour scheme as the original. I have been trying to follow Bonnie Hunter's philosophy and not spend too much time matching fabrics because, really, in the overall quilt you probably won't notice a few ugly fabrics here and there.
Filomena is making hers very modern with white, raspberry, aqua and grey, and her sashing will be white, too. Check out her blogs at La La Kids and My Sew Cute Blue Cottage, she might put some photos up, too.
We are very excited to see them finished and hanging next to each other at the quilt show in November. Of course, if they don't get finished this year, there's always next year...

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