Monday, 6 May 2013

Finger Knitting to Arm Knitting Scarf

My eldest daughter loves working with yarn. She is very patient, and diligent, and she always finishes things (not like Mummy).

At the end of last term, one of her friends at school showed her how to finger knit. She came home and started on a 100g ball of pink acrylic yarn. In no time at all, she had finger knitted the whole ball. TIP: If you need to stop the finger knitting for a while, thread the loops onto a pencil, if you can leave it in a place where it won't be disturbed, or a loose cable tie if you think it might get messed up. Snip the cable tie when you want to pick up your stitches and keep knitting.

Speedy finger knitting equals blurry photos.
Eddie is helping.

The "I'm sorry" face, even though he wasn't in trouble.
After the whole ball was finished, we got on Youtube and found a couple of clips on arm knitting. She gave it a go while I was cooking dinner. 

It was done before dinner was. She dropped a stitch at one point, but it was so easy to undo and pick up the stitches again. It is long enough to wrap around her neck twice, and we love the chunkiness of the knit. She says it is very warm.

Arm knitting would work well if you have a traditional French, or peg,  knitter like this one:

Although we have now gone to the homemade toilet roll and bamboo skewers version because the finished work is more bulky.

She is planning on knitting this with my 2.5cm thick knitting needles (although I guess they are not really needles at this size, more like tubes!)

What a fantastic project to teach kids the basics of knitting! All you need is one ball of yarn. A quick, fun and portable craft activity for kids. And it's not just for kids. In fact, I introduced it to my patchwork ladies and we are going to have a go next week!

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